Yule Tarot Spread

During the month of December many spend the month with love ones celebrating the end of the season. For magical users we celebrate Yule representing the season of Winter. Yule represents the rest we all need before the renewal of Spring and the new year.

This Yule tarot spread reflects the season of Yule, the holiday many see as a time of celebration and self-reflection. This tarot spread is designed for the reader to select one card for each day, reflecting on the cards meaning and its connection to your own life. The idea is to focus on one card at a time only on the twelfth day will you look at all the cards to discover the bigger picture.

Tarot Cards Drawn The first card that’s drawn on December twentieth, the day before the Winter Solstice. The card is placed on the eleventh hour on a cloak and each card added will go clockwise ending on the tenth hour. This card is recognized as the Night of Dreams meaning that we should reflect on dreams we recall and search for their hidden meanings.



The second card is drawn on the Winter Solstice is Celebrating the Birth of the Sun. The Celebrating the Birth of the Sun card reveals how we can connect to the light within ourselves and with outside forces.

The third card, The Time of Baths refers to inner blocks or restriction that are preventing you from reaching your dreams. The intention of the card is to identify these blocks and wash them away. The fourth card Time of Renewal indicates the best way to find renewal and purification while also gaining tolerance for others.

Yule Celebrations

Yule Celebrations

The fifth card The Feast of Mothers is drawn on Christmas Eve. Besides being on Christmas, a time to reflect on the birth of Christ, this card focusses on the spirits of our ancestors seeking out their guidance and wisdom. On Christmas Day, the six card is drawn, called The Festival of Light, this card shows our direct connection to the spirits.

The Second Half of Tarot Cards Yuletide is the seventh card showing our nurturing side, and showing the protective energy, we project towards others. The Birth of Frigga is the eighth card showing female wisdom. It also includes troubles with love, luck, artistic and creative expression.

The ninth card sends an inner message that’s directed to our heart and spirit and is called Feast of Alcyone. The Day of Nymphs is the tenth card reflecting our playful side or connection to our inner child.

Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year

The Day of the Beast is the eleventh card showing how to deal with stressful situations without emotional reactions while walking our path in life. The final card is New Year’s Eve, showing how best to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

This tarot spread is an interesting way to prepare yourself for the ending of one year and the beginning of another. Many consider Yule to represent the final month of the calendar year, signaling the end of everything we have worked on during the previous year. Winter is a time of relocation with love ones and resting both the mind and spirit.

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