Wicked Sorcery

Many find attraction to magic under the illusion that magic is a cure for all remedies only to later learn that nothing can create a miracle cure. Magic is the raw energy around us those many focus on the magic in nature and aiding mother nature in her times of need. There are thousands of different paths yet many sticks to that of witchcraft. A witch consists of either gender, but they contain their magic through their bloodline. Some even have a Book of Shadows passed down from one generation to the next. Some are born with unique abilities that gift them with closer ties with nature or the paranormal world. There is no such thing as a witch being born good or evil rather like everyone the choices, they make with their magic will decide how others see them.

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Wicked Sorcery

Gifted in blood from genetic ancestors forgotten by time. Supernatural energies surge beneath my fingertips. Waiting to be molded through rituals to either aide of hinder humanity.

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Witchcraft Secrecy

Due to the witch hunts, many who study the craft escaped underground to avoid a gruesome death. Many kept their study of the craft in secret until recently creating an era of new age religion bringing back a wide arrange of interests in the arcane. Allowing those born with the gift to no longer hide and those with questionable origins to take up the study of magic.

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Negative Stereotypes

Many hear the term witch and the image of a hag casting curses wearing a black dress with a pointed hat pops into people’s mind. We allowed society to shape our perception of spell casters despite the few that try to use media to cast a lighter side to what history has taught us. Being a student, I’ve learned that magic is a pure energy created by nature that’s used by a caster will and intention. Magic is only evil or good if the caster wishes to cast curses or heal those they love.

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