When We Were Young – A Poem

Aria Ligi, editor of New Poetry Magazine, suggested that Emberly check out some my fantastic poems . I had submitted several poens to Aria, and she thought it would be something that fit Emberly’s interests. Well, Aria was right, immediately, Emberly fell in love with my elegant word choice and descriptive narrative.

I am a personal tutor from Hartlepool in the North East England. I teach predominantly English and math. I have a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I am currently undertaking a series of accredited online courses via Oxford University. He successfully completed several including: Greek Mythology and ‘Poetry of The First World War.

London city

London City

I’ve recently had mym poetry published by New Poetry Magazine by the editor, Aria Ligi. Also, I have just received a regular featured poetry slot on P.N.N Radio based in Miami. I have performed my work on the show on numerous occasions but the host Rick Spisak has recently offered me a more high-profile position as a Resident Poet.

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When We Were Young

When we were young angels kept guard over us. We were winged and wedded to wishes & dreams; so snug and innocent wrapped in cotton clouds; the world seemed to brim with possibilities.

When we were young each Spring seemed like a fresh pink dawn; each blossoming flower, a bright world of wonder. The night skies were diamond studded; when spirits soared wild on the wind; then were lost in distant thunder.

When we were young we traced twilight’s strange kingdoms where illusion of confounds reality. We followed the paths of the moon and the sun. We transfigured the hills & valleys and trees.

When we were young teeming Nature reached out to us; blessed by her verdant age we ran footloose and free. Now we are older and can only glimpse such bliss. The life force that was then survives in memories.

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I would like to thank Aria for pushing me to share my work with Emberly and the readers at Enchanting Tales. To learn more about me and my poetry, check out his Linkedin page. You can also check out the blog where his power is shared.

Cheers! Dominic

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