What Shall I Be This Halloween? – A Poem

In excitement of Halloween, Enchanting Tales wanted to show each author diverse way of preparing for the spooky holiday. Dominic wanted to explore the dilemma of trying to choose a costume for Halloween. We want a costume that will be scary and memorable. Some choose a handmade costume, while others take the easier route of purchasing a costume already made.

Dominic Windram is a personal tutor from Hartlepool in the North East England. He teaches predominantly English and math. He has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Psychology. Windram is currently undertaking a series of accredited online courses via Oxford University. He successfully completed several including: Greek Mythology and ‘Poetry of The First World War. Halloween Traditions

Children of all ages dress up in costumes and travel from house to house to receive treats in response to saying, “Trick or Treat!” The phrase implies that if the person is given treats (candy) than the other person is spared from mischief. If denied those treats than they are entitled to play pranks on the owner of the property.



What Shall I Be This Halloween

What shall I be on this most dreaded night Of Halloween? Shall I look ghostly white? What mask or costume shall I choose to wear? Should I copy a  werewolf’s weird stare? Or perhaps I could look like an evil clown? Or dress in Dracula’s long, flowing gown? I’d also need a set of sharpened teeth, And would have to dye my hair black it seems. Could I be a cold eyed vampire bat; With deadly wings that continually flap? Could I be a lost. wandering zombie Or a terrible, wailing banshee queen?Or how about Frankenstein’s ungodly Creature or maybe a bandaged Mummy? Or a cackling witch with broomstick and spells? Or a wild demon from the depths of hell? Or the Grim Reaper with hourglass and scythe? Or a a shrieking scarecrow with bloodshot eyes? Or a devil: with fork, horns and face painted red? Perhaps I could put on a creepy pumpkin head? Whatever I wear on this dreaded night. I’m certain to give someone such a fright!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Festivities

I hope you enjoyed this piece; what will you be for Halloween? There are endless possibilities when choosing a costume to celebrate this joyous holiday. I heard that here at Enchanting Tales, we plan on baking spooky treats while binging Halloween classic films. Happy Halloween!

Cheers! Dominic Windram

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