Water Witch

There are many who assume that magic is spilt into three areas black, white, and grey representing the intentions when using spells. However, there are many branches of magic reflecting on the elements and different forms of magic or witchcraft.

One area of witchcraft that I find strong connections to are witches that study the magical properties of water. These water witches are mysterious as the element they hold domain over.

Origins of Water Witch

A water witch sometimes can be called a sea witch due to her attraction to all types of water including rain. She has control over all sources of water, weather and some even take part in moon magic. They focus on the three forms that water can take, and many believe their emotions are tied with the moon.

Compared to the other elemental witches, water witches work in harmony with earth, controlling over fire, and have irritation with air. Those that follow this path of magic always feel connected to water and have a calm and serene presence around others.

water witch

water witch

Witches’ Powers

Those that associate with water magic trust their intuition and have a gift for divination. They are talented with tarot decks and scrying. Other gifts of magic include healing, cleansing, beauty, emotions, intuition, and energy. Winter is when her powers are at their peak, a water witch, is also skilled in snow and ice magic.

Water witches are creative and find ways to always be busy sometimes having trouble sitting still for long periods of time. They listen to their intuition when settling disputes or making choices making them comfortable with settling arguments and debates. Some use their close connection with nature to work with animals or for environmental causes.

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Elemental Connection

Water witches appear cold and mysterious reflecting emotions from those around them. They can be kind to those that show kindness but will lash out at those that cause them harm. Many consider them to be over sensitive but at the same time are good listeners. Many seek out water witches knowing that they can speak their mind freely without fear of judgement.

They are open minded and will hear all sides to a problem before deciding. They are also stubborn you can’t force them to go against their own beliefs or change their mind. Many see water ouches as being playful explaining their unique sense of humor, or can be sarcastic or odd. Like the mystical creatures of the ocean they prefer long hair, appear younger, have a long memory and attention span.

water witch

water witch

Moreover, nature is seen as a natural source of magic it makes sense that there are followers of the craft that devote themselves to one element. Those that practice magic wish to find magic that reflects their personality and nature.

For some, it’s the calm waves of the ocean, for others it’s the icy touch of the first snow fall. No one can explain why a water witches find their calling in the mysterious element for only they can explain what lures them to this chameleon force of nature.

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