Visiting the Grave of Edgar Allen Poe

Halloween is the night when the veil between the Land of the Living and The Land of the Dead are thin, allowing spirits to visit the living. Usually, I spend the holiday sending prayers to the decreased and go Trick or Treating with my niece. Yet, during the Halloween of 2017, I took part in visiting a cemetery of Edgar Allen Poe, honoring one of the greatest poets and the founders of the city of Baltimore. My aunt Donna Underwood or Aunt Dee Dee as we called her, decided to come visit us to spend Halloween with us. She has always been a fan of history and would wander in cemeteries reading old fashion headstones. That day. it was just her and I, killing time until Lauren finished her internship for the day, so we were trying to find activities to pass the time. We road down the road that was the more expensive part of Baltimore City, taking in their decorated houses when she suggested we visit a cemetery.

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe Memorial – Baltimore. MD

Alarm bells were going off in my head at the idea of an empath near the dead on All Hollow’s eve was a bad idea. The first headstone we came across belonged to the oldest cemetery in Baltimore lasting for over one-hundred years. From the parking lot, the energy was dark and violet promising pain for those foolish enough to step inside. To my relief the place was locked for the day. She knew I was a fan of Edgar Allen Poe and suggested to give his grave a visit instead.

Graveyard Wondering Upon entering the graveyard, a large memorial to Poe takes up the entire entranceway. It was a grand sight but knowing it was his second grave, I wanted to see the original. My aunt took the lead ensuring I didn’t trip on or worse step on a burial mound. Our wondering leads us through the entire cemetery reading the headstones of those who gave a hand in creating Baltimore. We found his grave in the far back almost hidden from sight.

Edgar Allen Poe Grave

Edgar Allen Poe Grave

Spirits Gathering I usually keep my distance when it comes to visiting graveyards and cemeteries. Before stepping foot inside I feel an overwhelming flow of spiritual energy. Once on the grounds, I’m overwhelmed with depression and sadness to the point where I start crying. When we stopped at this cemetery that housed the famous poet, I experience a different energy.

There was no sadness or depression but just a calming peace over the entire area. The spirits appeared joyful to be visited by tourists and locals alike. Amused that people paying them a visit was learning about our city’s history and those who gave a hand in its creation.

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe

I still hold a discomfort when visiting the resting places of the dead. I admit that visiting the graveyard that held Poe’s grave and memorial was a visit I would recommend to others. However, just because one graveyard was peaceful, doesn’t mean the rest fall under this category. My advice is be respectful when visiting a grave and cleanse yourself afterwards to ensure a wandering spirit isn’t using you to hitch a ride.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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