Unlocking Dreams- Tarot Spread

Many people turn to tarot seeking answers to questions or decisions that are on a person’s mind. We seek out tarot readers to gain a better understanding of the cards meaning and the hidden messages they hold for us. The same concept applied to dreams many believe that dreams are messages given to the mind through the subconscious. Some claim that dreams are warning or messages from guardian, spirits or spirit guides’ and will use tarot to understand the messages written in their dreams.

Five Card Spread

The cards place in a cross form with the first card in the center. The second card positioned above the first before going in an anti-clockwise direction. Card three is to the left, card four is below and the fifth card ends at the right of the first card.



Meaning in the Cards

Like most readings, the first card represents the questioner or in this case the experience expressed in the dream. Card two shows blocks or barricades preventing the dream from becoming a reality. What provoked this dream or what was the trigger that brought this dream into creation is card number three.



Card four corresponds to issues in the subconscious part of the mind showing what problems need healing or solve. The final card is the solution that will heal or solve the problem revealed in the fourth card.

Meaning of Dreams

Making seek out the meaning of dreams knowing that while asleep we experience over a thousand dreams during a single night. There are occasions where a person can remember a dream of be seeing the last few minutes of a dream before waking. Many consider dreams as warning or ideas created by the subconscious or from the spirited world believing that while sleeping our mind can cross the barrier into the spirit realm.



Additionally, dreams created while waking or dreaming is important it what keeps us on track for our inner goals and gives a reason for our passions and desires. Dreams allow us to have visions of the future and to see all opportunities when facing a large decision. It’s not difficult to understand that people will turn to tarot to understand the unknown mysteries inside their head.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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