The Spirit of Darkness – A Poem

For the month of October, we at Enchanting Tales decided to honor it by sharing a spooky poem by Dominic Windram. I always enjoy meeting fellow writers whom are willing to share with me their knowledge and talents. Dominic Windram is a fellow poet and author and is always willing to share his literary gems with me, hence willing to repay the favor by featuring his work on the blog.

Dominic Windram and is a poet, personal tutor from Hartlepool in the North East of England, United Kingdom. His work is decidedly eclectic. And has had several poems published in New Poetry 2018 (edited by Aria Ligi.) & more recently in The Pangolin Review as well as October Hill Magazine. Moreover, I’m now a resident poet on P.N.N (Progressive News Network): based in Miami, Florida and hosted by the ebullient Rick Spisak. Windram will be making his tenth appearance on the show in November; hopefully with a batch of new poems…some serious; some humorous!

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The Spirit of Darkness

I am the spirit of darkness. I am the desecrator of light. I am the embodiment of envy. I am the forked tongue of deceit. I rejoice in wrathful vengeance. I am the plague of all the ages. I am your worst nightmare. I delight in destruction.

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Poetry can be a strong inspiration for other works. It can also be used to convey emotions and feelings we are too afraid or ashamed of admitting. For me, I see poetry as am inderestimated form of art artists can use to express our hopes, fears. And aspirations we fear may be extinguished if we voice them out loud and are ridiculed by our peers.

To check out more from Dominic Windram, check out the link below.

Burned it! Emberly

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