The Ogre’s of Miro’s Childhood: Running on the Inch Button – A Poem

Poetry can be a universal language used over the centuries to elegantly express our internal thoughts and emotions. There is traditional poetry where it follows a struct set of rules, or non-traditional poetry where the poet captivates its audience without a set of rules or guidelines. The Enchanting Tales team loves finding poets, excited by the opportunity to share their art with our readers.

Andrew Darlington has had numerous written works published in all manner of strange and obscure places, magazines, websites, anthologies and books. He also worked as a Stand-Up Poet on the Alternative Cabaret Circuit and has been interviewed by many people from the worlds of Literature, Science-Fiction Fantasy, Art and Rock-Music for a variety of publications.

A selection of his favorite interviews collected into The Headpress Book, I Was Elvis Presley’s Bastard Lovechild. My latest poetry collection is Tweak Vision by Alien Buddha Press, while my new fiction collection A Saucerful Of Secrets is now available from Parallel Universe Publications.

Writing Inspiration

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The Ogre’s of Miro’s Childhood: Running on the Inch Button

As of now, we are following the phosphorescent trails of snails, jazz-frantic through psychopathic weed. You splashed lurid in spray-paint, & me sprouting a forest of aerials and mirrors. Looking at you, I know you can freeze gravity without the sensory assistance of touch, with just your pout

We chase the same poems, you & I, they just wear different words and get scrambled through different dogs-eye views of TV screen images.

As of now, you are, admit it, Nefertiti, and tonight I’m eyesore from epileptic cello bop And Department Store Decadents. Leeds could pass for the city of the dead, as we roll down streets made faceless by the metal-fatigued flatness of shop-shutters. Chain-whipped by a confusion of voices, & streetlamps that throw pools of light at nothing.

You’re now the Mad Scientist’s beautiful daughter. I cut through the skeletons of buildings, the victim of the night, and, as of now, we follow the phosphorescent trails of snails through the ogre’s of Miró’s childhood, bare feet crunching on broken glass.

Assortment of Books

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Feel free to visit Andrew’s website and social media to review more of his amazing work. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Darlingtonandy

Burned it! Emberly

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