The Journey of Blind Indie Authors

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022! The past year has been hard for a lot of people, but I must be proud of the accomplishments made despite those two books were published on Amazon. Both Ignited Melodies: A Book of Poetry by E.L Summers and Hunted: The Immortal’s Kiss book one in the Hunted series by L.N Frost and E, L Summers in October.


This was the first full-length novel we co-wrote together, and it went through many revisions before it was published to Amazon through Kindle. Being blind there were many grammatical errors and sentence syntax errors we had missed despite having beta-readers and a professional editor review it. Currently, Hunted: The Immortal ‘s Kiss is that; s published is the second edition. We noticed after its launch that there chapters were not in order and there were passages that needed to be removed. We took pride in the story that we told and wanted to present a polished version. We took down the book and revised the story again before republishing it. During an episode of If You're Feeling Adventurous (, there is a segment called Prose Police where they review indie authors works. They were kind enough to point out that although the story is told well there were still mistakes that could be corrected. You can watch the snippet here: We researched a few editors before going with our good friend and author Morgan Lee. At the start of the new year, she launched her editing services and I jumped at the chance to have her edit book one of Hunted and eventually the rest of the trilogy. If you need a editor for your next novel check out the fabulous services offered by Mirgan Lee -

HUNTED: THE IMMORTAL’s KISS SYNPOSIS While investigating a serial killer on a rampage in Denver, a young woman discovers that she may be his next target, Scarlett Blackwater is a part of trained slayers, a group of humans and paranormal creatures trained to protect humanity from monsters, who discovers a vital secret has been kept from her. Will the secret help her put a stop to the killer or will it hinder her from doing her job?

GOALS FOR THE FUTURE Currently, book two is being edited before being sent off to a professional editor. The first book will be released with a new cover cohesive with the design from book two. We still want to make the trilogy an audiobook for our blind readers. We just started writing book three and are considering a one-shot novella to wrap up any storylines or loose ends of secondary characters featured in the trilogy. HUNTED: LEGACIES IN BLOOD SYNPOSIS What challenges would you face when you become a creature you have spent your entire life hunting? Will you stick to your morals or succumb to temptation? Newly half turned Scarlet Blackwater, must discover the answers to these questions as she learns the rules and customs of her immortal life. Donovan Vaslie had sworn to never return to the horrors of his past and the manor he once called home. To escape his mother and those sharing old vampire ideas. Yet old blood magic force him to return once more to train a new fledging. Together, they must endure one year inside the halls of Dracula’s castle. Ensuring that Scarlet learns how to be a vampire while both holding onto their humanity. When the year is over what will remain standing, vampires with humanity or bloodthirsty monsters? We hope you enjoy the Hunted trilogy series and future books to come from us. Let Your Imagination Inspire You -Enchanting Tales Publishing Team

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