The Dragon Haunting the Mist – A Poem

S. Thomas Summers, is a Pushcart nominated poet, is the author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War and The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly, both published by Anaphora Literary Press. He teaches literature, philosophy, and writing at Wayne Hills High School and Passaic County Community College in Wayne and Paterson New Jersey, respectively. 

S. Thomas Summers is a husband and a father who often spends time stepping through the forests that surround his home, breathing deep the clean air, striving to discover all the magic he can. Find his blog at

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The Dragon Haunting the Mist The dragon haunting the mist, just beyond that gray silk, slips as a cat between unseen trees, and the lazy stones.

I tend to believe, despite its grandeur, it wonders what manner of beast am I, lurking in this place, through the tall grass still wet with morning, humming strange songs. As I, it trembles.



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S. Thomas Summers poems are inspired by daydreams, gazing through a window, stepping through a wood. I believe there’s a place where these dreams gently grace reality, making the impossible quite possible, the intangible very tangible. I do my best to visit that place as often as I can.

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