Star Gazer – A Poem

I have always been fascinated with the goddess of the moon, Artemis. I have always been a day dreamer, trying to search for faeries when the veil between our world to the world of the fae. My love of fantasy also comes from ancient history and the lore surrounding mythical creatures. Marked by the fey, I could easily picture one of their kind looking at the world beneath their feet. Questioning humanity and what drives their actions or comparing their existence to our own. Many theorize that the fae exists among us, we just can’t see them.

About the Author I am native to Baltimore, Maryland and have been writing for the last twenty years. My inspiration comes from nature, ancient history, and classic literature. I also look up to the magnificent work of poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson. My passion for writing and reading doesn’t stop at sonnets and novels.

I have read many works by Shakespeare and fables by The Brothers Grimm. I’ve always been intrigued by the great ancient civilizations awakening my mind and wanted to write stories that took form in her mind. After publishing my first book. Sherwood Aslyum: A Book of Poetry, I have had numerous poems featured in anthologies such as Maryland’s Best Emerging Poets by Z Publishing and in Fae Thee Well by Dreampunk Press.

Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry by Luna Nyx Frost Available on Amazon

Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry by Luna Nyx Frost Available on Amazon

Star Gazer

In a time of need and constant struggle, people look to the sky for answers to unknown questions.

What do they see, when they glance up? With their wondering eyes staring up at the night sky. A blackened cave, glistening with the smallest twinkle of silver.

To those looking up. they are not just a simple matter, known to us as stars?

They are the hope and dreams of thousands of children? Of the wondering hopeful blindly following the rules of a simple legend, passed down through time to endless childhoods

I sit here, cradled in the arms of my mother; watching the simple joy of stars being born. As each new light, is a person’s wish being granted.

Faery Court

Faery Court

Yet as each star fades, it shows that a dream has come to an end, and that the dreamer is just another face lost to reality.

That the Boogeyman wearing the cloaks of wicked nightmares has gained control over the guardians of happy dreams?

I continue to watch on, as a handful of stars quickly blink out of existence. As more children are forced to grow up before their time arrives. My tears fall like shooting stars over the miserable loss,

of knowing that these fallen stars, will never be reborn but will forever stay lost and forgotten.

That more will share its fate turning my painting back to its blank slate, forcing me to either start again or accept the fact that wishes can’t ride on the tail of moon beams.

Faery Court

Faery Court

Faery Magic I wrote this poem based on that idea. I wanted the poem to explore what the fey may think of while watching the galaxy from their perch upon the moon. To them, they see a connection of the stars with children’s youth. I hope that this poem inspires you, giving you a way to reconnect to your childhood.

Now, Shush, I’m trying to read, Luna

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