Self-love Tarot Spread

Valentine’s Day symbolizes a day of romance spent with your significant lover. Some people see it as a day to celebrate those you care about showering friends and family with gifts. Yet, many see this holiday in a negative aspect for how can you love others if you don’t love yourself? You must accept yourself before letting others into your heart.

This tarot spread is dedicated to Valentine’s day, but you can use this spread throughout the year. Many people suffer from low self-esteem and other just lack confidence in themselves.

This self-love tarot spread calls for only six cards being placed in two rows. When shuffling the cards, you should focus on your heart and all your best qualities. You will be creating a rectangle with the first three cards going from left to right and the last three in the same set up below them

Love House Rule Poetry

Love House Rule Poetry

Self-love Tarot Spread

The first card reveals what traits you have that you should be proud of. The second card is placed to the right of card one, representing something special you should do for yourself. The third card is placed next to card two, representing where you deserve comfort. The fourth card goes below card one, outlining what makes you sparkle, what makes you light up with happiness and joy.

The fifth card is placed below card two representing what you are loved for, what traits and habits do others love about you. The last card is placed below card three, representing what to fall in love with about yourself. what is it that you love about yourself?

Personal Reading I decided to give this tarot spread a try to help give an example for those wishing to try it for themselves. The Ace of Swords was the first card drawn revealing that I should embrace my higher mind filled with knowledge that allows me to make fair judgements and decisions.

The World reversed was my second card drawn showing that I feel stuck for the moment and that to make myself special I need to complete a task outside of the norm. The third card drawn was The Ten of Swords reversed showing that I need comfort of the heart. I carry scars from the past being bullied has left me guarded toward those I don’t know. What makes me happy is being signs of encouragement from friends and loved ones, which is the meaning behind The Knight of Swords.

Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

The Page of Swords shows my free spirit and how I see the world outside the box instead of how the rest of the world see things. The last card drawn, The Hierophant, revealing what I love about myself, which is my knowledge, my thirst to discover what I have yet to discover. It’s also tied to my religion and how I wish to follow my own path being free-formed instead of joining one already created.

Many consider Valentine’s Day to signify a day to be with your significant other but there are numerous ways to pass the day. Many spend it with friends and family, while others use it as a personal day to recharge their batteries. The day is a way to love yourself and others and this spread will highlight what is best about yourself and what others truly love about you.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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