Ostara – Spring Holiday

Ostara is the first day of Spring, symbolizing the end of the Winter months and the time to prepare for the coming harvest. Ostara runs form March 19th to the 22nd, being the celebration of the Spring Equinox. Many see it as a welcome change of the reasons a way to welcome in the warmer weather. Others see it as a celebration of hope and a time of renewal. Ostara is the celebration of Spring, a time to help prepare Earth for the upcoming harvest. Many prepare their garden beds or farmlands planting new seeds for the upcoming warmer weather. Many use this time for spring cleaning, removing clutter and dirt from your homes. Spring cleaning can also be used for clearing your altar and sacred space of negative energies that have gathered from the past winter.

Symbolism of Ostara Today we celebrate Ostara during our celebration of Easter. Going on Easter egg hunts and coloring eggs. Painting and hunting eggs is a sign of fertility and new life. A rabbit hides the eggs because it was once a bird. Legend goes that the Goddess was late one year bringing Spring. She came across a bird dying from the cold and when she warmed it the bird transformed into a rabbit.

Spring Time

Spring Time- Easter

Many see it as a sign of hope when people still believe in fantasies being in touch with their childhood intuition. A time when we believe that our dreams are attainable. A bonfire is lit to celebrate the coming of the maiden and the light of fertility she carries.

Spring Magic Ostara is a time for conducting magic for growth, fertility, and renewal. Encouragement of using magic of the earth to ensure protection and abundance for the coming harvest. Many use this time to remove negative energies from their home and to bless the hearths. Spells for the garden to plant new herbs and trying new seeds are recommended. Many use the color green for their altars to represent the maiden and the green man of the forest.

Spring Magic

Spring Magic

Ostara is seen as a celebration of hope and new beginnings. With the coming of spring, winter has now end promising warmer weather. Many use this time to prepare their farms and gardens welcoming in the new season for the harvest. Spring is a time for new beginning as many animals awake from their winter hibernation to bring new life into the world. Showing that the darker half of the season is now ending allowing the season of light to take over.

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