Leo Zodiac Sign

August in the zodiac is known as the month of the lion. Leo is a fire sign falling between July twenty-third and August twenty-second. Many consider this sign to symbolize the height of Summer. It’s connected to the lion constellation in the night sky name by the reeks based on the beast slayed by Hercules during his twelve trials of labor.

Being natural born leaders, Leos are often the ones taking control of situations. Thy love being the center of attention and taking roles that will land them in the spotlight. They are full of courage and self-confidence, see little doubt in their own personality and are usually a joy around others.

They are fierce and loyal to their friend’s support others with their dreams and offering support when needed. They can come off as being stubborn and have a challenging time admitting when they are wrong.

Their pursuit for the limelight can lead to shady behavior and they may need a reminder sometimes that not everything in the world revolves around them. They can appear jealous and self-center if they feel they are not receiving enough affection from others which can be due to them having insecurities about themselves.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

Careers for Leos

Like many zodiac signs, Leos are known for being creative and having an artistic ability. Their desire from drama and the spotlight makes them perfect actors landing them roles on Broadway, Cinema, and television. They seek roles as leaders becoming politicians, CEOs, teaching, marketing, military. Being full of Christmas they attain jobs in media being talk show hosts, journalists, therapist, sales, and newscasters or reporter.

Leo Relationships

Leos are hardworking and loyal to those they see as friends and family. They find joy and beauty in the world around them seeking to share this with others. They are compassionate, supporting others with words of love and self-assurance. They are vulnerable in front of those they trust showing that even a weakness can be a strength. They will be the first to make a move in a relationship knowing that others may be to scare to take the first leap of faith.

Leos are considering the royal hunters of the safari and its no surprise these characteristics can be found in those born under its astrological sign. They are both natural born leaders and stars becoming center of attention in any task they take part in.

Many may see them as being snobbish or shallow, but these are just masking a Leo may wear. We all pretend to be someone else when scared or facing a challenge and for a Leo these defense mechanisms are also their greatest strengths.

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