Hecate Greek Goddess of the Moon

Many gods in ancient Greek mythology are known for a special skill or ability. There are many that fall under skills or mental or physical strength. There are some that even today, seek out their guidance and wisdom. For those that consider themselves students of magic, Hecate is the one many turn to for aide. I have always gained strength from the moon and wanted to share what information I could find on this goddess. Hecate is associated with the darker side of the human’s personality. She is known as the dark side of the moon and magic but there are other gifts she can call upon. She is known for necromancy, doorways, witchcraft, death, spirits, crossroads, and hell hounds. She was considered a healing having a knowledge of both herbs and poisonous plants.

Hecate , the goddess of magic is also known for her aide with the goddess Demeter the goddess of the harvest and the search for her daughter Kore who had been stolen by Hades the god of the Underworld.

Unable to find her daughter, Demeter allowing no harvest for the mortals until Kore was found. Hecate appeared as an old crone informing Demeter to seek out Zeus. It is also mention that she aided in the creation of Archillie’s creation of immortality.

Hecate Greek Goddess of the Moon

Hecate Greek Goddess of the Moon

Perspective of a Goddess Of the Twelve main gods of Mount Olympus, Hecate is considered the most powerful in magic, yet not much is known about her. There are festivals and cults dedicated to the dark moon goddess, but her origin and lore is not well-known. Yet, to the magical community many see Hecate as a teacher seeking out her guidance when starting their magical path.

Others pray to her during funerals and Samhain knowing of her personal connection to the spirit world. This makes sense many would rather focus on more positive aspects then the negative knowing that she was known for what many would consider dark magic its no wonder her story was lost to time.

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