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Everyone in this world is different with our own unique personality and talents or gifts. Many of us use these gifts to help enrich our society and our own lives. Some of us are even born with unique gifts in magic and the paranormal realms. This tarot spread will help reveal your gifts and the best places to share them.

A personal gift is a person’s talent, power, ability, or special aptitude. Many call their gifts talents and like a person’s fingerprints, each person’s talents are unique. Some people are born with natural talents being artistic, athletic, technical, or good a t building objects with their hands.

Other talents can appear as natural born leaders, charismatic, book or street smart, or simply good at interacting with others. Some traits are learned while growing up being loyal to a friend, a good listener, compassionate, a goof ball, shy, and overprotective. A few even have paranormal gifts being empaths, clairvoyant, or the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

Gift Tarot Spread For this tarot spread, you will need five cards creating a plus sign as the formation. The first card is placed in the center. Like most tarot spreads the first card is you and your relation to your gifts. The second card is placed above the first card revealing the gifts you are already aware of.

The third card is what is blocking your gifts and is placed to the left of the first card. Below the first card is card four showing the gifts you are not aware of. The last card is placed to the right of the first card revealing what can aide you in sharing your gifts.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

What the Cards Reveal? The first card was the Three of Cups in reversed showing that now my creativity is at a standstill. The Hermit card revealed that I have a major source of knowledge and wisdom though still seeking new knowledge. That I will stick to my paths in life without distractions and hold a deep connection to the spiritual world. My third card was the Ace of Coins showing that my talents can be blocked by reaching an abundance of wealth, showing that financial success may interfere with polishing my talents.

The Sun reveals that I can be a leader and that I have a talent for being the center of the limelight. That I should share and highlights my artistic side with the public. The Six of Coins was my final card showing that I must find a balance of giving and receiving with my talents ensuring that I don’t become greedy or get taken advantage of.



This tarot spread will help you discover talents and gifts that you weren’t aware of. It will help you build a deeper understanding of your natural born abilities and how to best share their talents with others. The tarot spread will bring awareness of what you can offer to society and new facts about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read, Luna

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