Ghouls of Halloween

Halloween is ironically known by children as a night to dress up in costumes to be given treats or perform tricks on those that deny them candy. Let’s explore the darker, sinister sides tied to the suspenseful night of All Hallows Eve, when the veil between The Land of the Loving and The Land of the Dead is the thinnest.

Emberly Lily Summers is a native to Baltimore, MD and has been writing for the last fifteen years. Her inspiration comes from nature, the fantasy and paranormal literature, classic musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked and of course, her favorite music ranging from showtunes to punk rock. Emberly also loves reading about magic, mythology, faeries, witches, and dragons.

Emberly Lily Summers

Emberly Lily Summers

She hopes to inspire creativity and imagination to others with her writing. She started writing poetry and short stories inspired from her favorite authors before enduring longer stories sparked by dreams, mythology, fantasy, and even paranormal. She has had several poems featured in magazines and is currently writing a short story for an anthology run by Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies.

Ghouls of Halloween

Trick or treat? The sounds of cruel deceit? Or the luring tune of merriment. Of children in disguise scurrying across cracked concrete.

Each passing step illuminated by the plumb luminous moon. Hoping that the white light will cast the demons away in fright, catching an innocents fleeting glance of their true form before the veil closes.

The children’s salvation from the ghouls prowling on All Hallows’ Eve morning. In paper masks to hide their faces before returning to the warm embrace of their parents awaiting arms.

Forcing the hungry monsters to feast their eyes on other poor victims, not fast enough to escape their razor talons and orange glowing eyes.

Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat

Inspiration Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I always enjoy dressing up and baking spooky treats with my sister, Nicole, and watching beloved movies like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, or The Nightmare Before Christmas. We enjoy giving out candy if there are children to give the candy out to, otherwise it’s extra sweets to tempt us.

I am the type that would be comfortable leaving out their Halloween decorations out all year long. That’s what I appreciate about Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas that they try to combine the best aspects of both Christmas and Halloween.

Burned it! Emberly

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