Fragile Reflection – A Poem

Artists need to band together to support one another and help new viewers find their work. Artists put their heart and soul into their craft going to inspire others, but how is this goal attainable if no one sees it? That’s why I love the idea of a supportive community, they want everyone’s work to reach as many people as possible including their own. Hopefully the collected effort will inspire others to join the community.

Social media can be a great platform to highlight your art. In the last two months, I have started a YouTube channel called Divided By Sight, at first it was designed to educated and spread awareness on vision loss for the blind and visually impaired community, but now I have added AuthorTube. Author tube is a section on YouTube for writers and authors to share their work and advice. I have been shared a few of my poems that I’ve written, and it has increased my confidence in my writing immensely.

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Fragile Reflection

Verbal daggers penetrate ivory skin, Slicing through layers of porcelain flesh Inflicting pain upon a helpless woman. Now, a fragile husk from her former glory, Numbing the impending weight of failure. The loss of dreams now unattainable Ambitions caste astray, tumbling Into the formidable abyss of despair. Failing to reap aspirations never met, Her deflated ego billowing in the winds Of goals never chased, mingled With bittersweet tears of sorrow. Time slowly passing her by Like an empty seashell dunking To the depths of the ocean. Cowering at the quick lash of a tongue Anticipating destructive words Lacking the energy to deflect vocal brutality.

A reading of the poem can be found on YouTube

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A Deeper Meaning I was inspired to write this poem after my father suffered a stroke. Physically he fully recovered but mentally was another story. The first few weeks following his stroke, he struggled to recall names of family members, dates, basic words that we use all the time without thinking. For a man who has always been crafty with words by telling stories, whipping up poems, and silly songs, stuck in his own mind lacking the ability to express himself words struck a nerve and I broke down. I’ve always been able to bond with him over poetry and it was taken away from me. A year has passed since that bleak day, and he is slowly recovering and I am optimistic he’ll get better with time.

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