Fortuna: Goddess of Luck

Those who believe in fate also believe in the concept of luck; hoping that a flip of a coin may decide if our lucks end up good or bad. Like many things in life, our luck is balance. There are times when our life is filled with good fortune and times where we hit rock bottom. Many are more associated with the Greek gods and goddess but when it comes to luck, many think of the Roman goddess Fortuna instead of her Greek counterpart Tyche.

The Roman goddess Fortuna is known by other names; the goddess of chance or lot, the bearer of prosperity and increase of wealth. She is seen as an oracle of the future, having her temple visited by those hoping to receive good omens. When travelers met with her, coin would be flipped; heads good luck tails an ill fate awaited them.

Good Fortune

Good Fortune

Greek Counterpart The Greek goddess of luck, Tyche, is the counterpart of Fortuna. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and either Zeus or Hermes. Her task was to govern the prosperity or destiny of a city. When unexplained acts occurred floods, drought, frost, and politics the Goddess had a hand in it.

Fortuna Represented in Tarot Fortuna is associated with the major arcana card The Wheel of Fortune. The card shows a picture of a giant spinning wheel showing that our luck can change at a drop pf a pin. The card reveals destiny, unplanned events, and progress. The card is a reminder that life occurs in cycles meaning that in life you will experience good and bad luck.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Luck comes and goes to everyone showing that no one is full of only good or bad luck. Even with these two Goddess of Fortune there are tales where they have bestowed blessings and curses on those that pray to them. Everyone wants to have good luck to become wealthy and live a life of happiness. However, it is only through bad luck and hardships that we discover our true worth.

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