Faery Fluting – A Poem

Aria Ligi is an independent scholar who has been writing for over forty years. She has a great love of history, and, the English Romantics. She has a bachelor’s degree in Writing from San Francisco State University and graduated top of her class. Temple of Love and Blood, Bone and Stone are two of her earlier works. Aria Ligi honors Enchanting Tales by allowing us to promote her work. She has appeared frequently on Progressive News Network’s Blog Talk Radio, reading her work and promoting good poetry. Currently, she is the Editor in Chief for New Poetry, an online international digest.

In her essay, The Marriage of Polemics and Science, she enumerates how science and poetry have intertwined from Aristotle to contemporary verse as a salve for the poet and humanity. Similarly, in Mechanics and Rhyme, she affirms the necessity for rhyme within poetry, which when crafted with an ear towards the lyrical, effuses an art form akin to ballet. You can peruse her blog,

seelie fae

seelie fae

Faery Fluting Olona, Oh Olona the faery being Sat upon the tip just petering.

O’er the blade swift and slippery sheath, Cool and wax slicked under her knobby knees.

Olona, Oh Olona, thy wings beat, A pulsating palpitating rhythm, That slights and quenches my being.

Is the draught of nectar sweet; For the bees find it an erotic feast. Is it finer than claret and richer than cabriolet;

Olona, Oh Olona pluck the chords from my throat, While you play Apollo’s, lyre note by note.

Faery Court

Faery Court

Poem Inspiration Faery Fluting is a poem inspired by my unpublished book Hammer of God. It was an internal stream of consciousness in the form of a poem about a faery. The inspiration for the poem also came from the poems of the poet John Keats. Keats was an English romantic poet. Although. Keats’s writing did not receive success until the end of the nineteenth century though, his poetry is recognized by its series of odes and sensual imagery.

Burned it! Emberly

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