Exploring London – Part Two

Many people consider Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The Modern Museum of Art to be the key locations of London to visit. While we did visit these locations including a personal favorite The Sherlock Home’s Museum these places seem to stick closer to my memory; The Globe Theater reinforcing my love of the stage, and The Jewels House, leading to a rare opportunity.

Many people know of The Globe Theater in London, William Shakespeare created the stage to perform plays for the Queen. During the London fires, reconstruction had turned into a historical site that even in the modern era performs plays for the audience. I admit, I was excited I grew up reading his plays and was excited to walk across his stage.

The tour guide explained that in the old days, those that came to the theater would not be able to see the stage relying on their ears to gain a vision of the play performed that evening. There were no spiritual connections present, but to visit a place made for the blind made it one of my most favorite places to visit.

London- The Globe Theater

London- The Globe Theater

The Tower of London There are many legends around the Tower of London. A barricade used as a prison is a place built upon bodies. My sister Lauren and I visited two towers the Jewel House and The White Tower. Lauren wanted to visit The Bloody Tower to see what weapons displayed. When we arrived at the Bloody tower, I was frozen two feet from the entrance. In front of me was a solid wall of energy preventing me from moving forward. My sister tried to pull me forward, a scream of pain escaping my lips. The pain only stopped once I put my foot down and suggested we head to another tower.

The Jewel House is a display and protection of the royal jewels while not in use by the royal family. My sister loves shiny objects and I wanted to know the history written on tiny notecards in front of each display case. This is a quick way to gain security’s attention. I was scared we were going to get in trouble for touching the display cases, yet it was a misunderstanding. When they noticed the white canes in our hands, realizing our intention was not thievery but to see inside the cases.

The Queen's Jewels

The Queen’s Jewels

A rare act of kindness occurred, one guard to the next took turns telling stories about the jewels and their experiences while working in the tower. We learned about the curse on the Queen’s crown, that any man would die a horrible death if the crown touched their head.

The last guard wanted us to know what it felt like to wear the royal jewels. Removing the Queen’s ceremonial crown, he placed it in our hands. The crown was heavy in my hands, both the weight of the gems and the weight of the country that lays on Elizabeth’s shoulders every time she must inspire her people.

The White Tower When we went to The White Tower, all I knew was research I conducted due to my love of ravens. There is a rumor that if the seven ravens leave London, the city will fall. I was horrified when I later learned the caretaker clipped their wings. There is a small balcony allowing you to view the courtyard and the surrounding towers. A wonderful place to take pictures, so I did unknowingly that a few ravens landed nearby me; one moving slowly moving toward my left hand before the door slammed open startling the ravens and myself.

Entering the tower, the floors held many suits of armor and weapons used during the wars. While viewing the suits of armor in the tower, I noticed one suit of armor moving around with a ghostly aura. Some of the armor appeared to move on their own accord.

London- The White Tower

London- The White Tower

Love of London My experience in London are memories I still think upon to this day. The trip may have lasted only ten days, but it was enough time for me to get a grasp of the culture and the history trapped inside London’s stonework.

An ancient city would have a well of spirits and I felt honored connecting with so many. There is a misconception about the people who live in London, and the same is true about the spiritual world. You should never judge a person or spirit for you never know what they may reveal.

Now, shush, I am trying to read. Luna

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