Exploring London – Part One

During my second year of college, an opportunity presented itself a ten-day trip to London, England as a study abroad program. Elated by the idea of visiting one of the many places I wanted to travel to. You had to enroll in one of the two classes either International Cultures or Travel Writing.

You had to raise half of the funds on your own. It wasn’t hard to convince my sister Lauren, to come with me, with our parent’s help and a trust-fund from our father’s mother; we were able to attend the trip.

International Energies When I go to new places, I pause to get a sense of the energy of the town and the people surrounding me. It made me feel homesick, feeling welcomed and embraced by the Victorian architecture and the native people. When we could wander the streets nearby our hotel, Lauren wanted an exchange of funds, so we wandered the streets looking for an ATM. We passed a small fruit stand and ended up in circles ending back at the stand three or four times.

In my mind, I knew that the vendor would help us find what we were searching for, yet this was a mere stranger to me. I was right, the man left his cart and walked us to and from the ATM machine. He seemed happy to help traveling tourists and did not seem to pity us because of our disability.

London City

London City

Later that evening, we found a small bakery and stayed until after sunset learning about London from the local natives. The streets in London are bright enough that you can see at night, yet the line of hotels looked identical to a girl with low vision. We walked past our hotel walking halfway down the road before we arrived at a group of homes, where a man was coming home from work.

This man was clearly weary with exhaustion and yet he walked us back to our hotel, waiting for us to walk through the archway before returning home. This positive peaceful energy stayed with me for our entire stay. I should have known that with such a rare aura of energy other beings would be awakened by it.

Touring London Like most tourists, we visited many places one I wish we could have visited was Stonehenge. I kept receiving a physic push and urgency to visit the large stones, yet fate was not on my side, unable to reach the location without having someone drive me there.

Westminster Abby is a beautiful cathedral that upon entry takes your breath away. You gain the illusion of a giant home, with the ceiling being miles above your head. Like most churches, the windows made of painted glass highlighting pictures of god. We received cassette players to listen to while following the tour guide, a few rooms having coffins and nameplates on the walls that mark more graves.

London Westminster Abby

London, United Kingdom Westminster Abbey

There were two places on the tour the group gathered around for. The stage used to crown both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II and at the end of the tour there was a grate in the floor to mark that underneath was all the bodies that belonged to unmarked graves from the wars. I was horrified by the coffins trying my hardest to stay close to the door, not wanting to touch anything that had a white glow around it.

When we saw the stage, I could see the coronation taking place, with the young queen standing in the center waiting for the crown. When I heard that the entire floor was a grave, I bolted for the exit not wanting to stick around in case the spirits were angry that no one knew who they were.

London Politics

I’m not a big fan of politics, yet our chaperon arranged for us to sit in on a meeting of The House of Commons and The House of Lords. Do yourself a favor, unless you enjoy seeing a table full of men sitting around a table talking about politics, do not go in there.

My experience occurred after we left The House of Lords. Half asleep from listening to the lecture, I noticed a woman in a light blue dress heading for a door thinking she would lead me to the stairs for the nearby exit. Instead, she went through a door. Halted by security who informed me it was the entryway into Big Ben and only those born in London could enter the doorway.

London Parliament

London Parliament

I informed him that I was following a woman and meant no harm since I was visiting from the United States, yet after calling on radio to the guard on the other side of the door, it was confirmed that no one had entered before me. I never did get to figure out the identity of the woman I saw. I never got answers to why she had reached out to me, or why she was trying to lead me into Big Ben.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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