Experiences of an Empath

When people go into a place of worship, a church, a hospital, or a cemetery, the intention is to visit loved ones or to find a place of healing. For someone like me, these places are small chambers of torture. Those with a connection to the paranormal world are the ones spirit seek out knowing that these unique individuals will take heed of their warnings. I thought to go to London, I would have a chance to enjoy a vacation full of history and culture. It wasn’t long before I was reminded that even in a different country those of the dead. will still seek out mortals that can sense them.

When I was younger, my mother claimed that I had an overactive imagination. That when visiting our Grandparents on the family farm, I would have conversations with the air. There were rumors that the farm had a friendly ghost that looked after the children. I met her a few times while staying for summer vacation. Although, I have no recollection of her image, this marked my first experience sensing spirits.

Magical Altar

Magical Altar

Protective Magic When I got older, I could no longer see those who passed through the veil, but I could sense strong emotions from people. This enabled me to avoid bullies while growing up in school. I could sense a person’s hate and anger allowing me to escape to the library, knowing that books made a protective shield against those who hate gaining knowledge.

I embraced the written worlds created on the pages, as books hold no emotions allowing me to find a bit of peace to the chaos that surrounded me. Through books, I discovered my passion for paranormal culture, the idea that magic was real, and that monsters existed in the real world. I admit, looking back I regret allowing these paper wells of knowledge to become my friends but as a child it’s easier to hide than face the unknown.

My fellow classmates found me odd calling me a freak, for staring at spaces on the floor or at them longer then what was considered polite. At the time, I blamed it on my disability not wanting to admit the truth. I saw people for who they were instead of what they were pretending to be. For the remainder of my education, I ignored my instincts ignoring the odd colors and flashes of emotion from strangers.

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Stored Magic When I entered college, I had a name for what I thought was a curse but more personal experiences with the paranormal world. I was an empath, a person who can sense the emotions of those around them and can affect those emotions. It made sense why when I visit hospitals and cemeteries. I was overwhelmed with feelings of pain and sadness.

The hospital hallways seen overcrowded with people, yet other people would walk right through them. Stepping on graves, to me, felt like being stabbed in the heart with a hot blade. It explains why I could see ghosts in large crowds of people, with their energies acting as a focal point. I just grew to accept it as a part of my life continuing with my education and learning more about my abilities.

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I am currently studying tarot and learning more about different types of magic one can use. I hope to develop a better understanding of it and use it to hep others. I currently purchased the book, The Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland, to help me increase my magical studies

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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