Elemental Advice Tarot Spread

Many spell casters seek out nature, both for guidance in their magic and to connect with the natural world. Magic is based on finding harmony and balance in one’s self. Finding a connection to not only nature but the elements that surround them.

Many will stick to one element for meditation or to focus their magic feeling attune to the elemental. Some look to the element they were born under, while others seek out the one, they feel the most connected to. However, when facing problems and situations one must seek out all the elements for guidance. This is a simple five card spread focusing on a problem that you are facing. It could be something as simple as deciding on dealing with a friendly disagreement to a problem of the heart or mind. Some use the spread to reveal a problem they didn’t notice at first. The first card is laid in the center with the next four cards circling around it, like casting a circle. The next four cards are placed in their directional spaces East, South, West, and North. Each being the core of the element and how it associates with the problem.

Elemental Advice Tarot Spread

Elemental Advice Tarot Spread

The center card is the problem you need to face. The next card to the right is air, associated with communication, thinking, and problem solving. Showing how to rationalize or think through the problem. Card three is fire laid below the first card. Fire is passion, belief, and will. How your morals and beliefs will help with dealing with the problem. Water is the fourth card revealing your emotions. Revealing if your emotions are repressing, aiding, or hindering the problem. The last card is Earth, or the physical world. What action you should take to solve the problem or the overall solution.

Tarot Reading

The first card drawn was the Temperance in reverse revealing that my problem is feeling sad and not in control of my life. This can be caused by being confined to my home due to the virus outbreak and because I have yet to find a career path in my life.

Air was The High Priestess, who is known for wisdom and intuition, thus revealing that I should trust myself and allow my creativity to be unbound. Fire was The Six of Wands showing that I must have belief in myself, and that any project I put my heart in will become a successful.

Water was Ten of Cups revealing joyful emotions. The projects I’m working on now that allow my creativity to shine will bring me joy. The last card earth was the Four of Wands showing that right now I should have a joyful celebration in life, meaning that now I may feel lost but sticking to my creative projects will wipe away the darkness leading to a time of joy and happiness.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Personal Experience Usually when my mind is troubled, I seek out a pond or a small source of water for meditation. I know that to lose control over my emotions will only make the situation worse. Being an empath, I’m also the one many go to when they seek advice for their own problems. I have always used nature to aid in my situations showing that even on a subconscious level, I listen to the elements and their advice.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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