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Dreams are what allow our subconscious mind the opportunity to speak to our conscious mind. Delivering messages that we either overlook or don’t recognize during our waking hours. There are some who study the dreamscape creating symbols and the meanings behind them. These interpretations allow us a deeper understanding of the messages delivered during dreaming.

When we go to sleep our consciousness, mind shuts down allowing our subconscious to take over, this allowing thoughts and ideas to be created by pictures. Nightmares are manifestations of fears that we avoid during our waking hours. Dreams allow us to work on issues that we either don’t wish to face or are unaware of.


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Dream Tarot Spread This Dream Tarot Spread calls for six cards placed in a rectangle layout with the first three cards on top and the last three placed underneath them. The first card is placed to the far left being your waking life, and shows the events, emotions, and conscious from your waking life in the dream world.

Card two is placed to the right of card one. The primary message the Spirit World is sending to you through your dreams. The third card is placed to the right of card two completing the top line of the spread, which is known as the bridge, this card shows the connection between your conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Under card one is where card four will be placed, showing assessment cards to look for meanings in your life that will remove blockades that are reoccurring themes in your dreams.

Card five will be placed to the right of card four under card two. Card five shows meditation before sleep, themes you should focus your mind on in a meditative state before retiring for the evening.

The last card is placed below card three to the right of card five. Card six shows future dreams, revealing themes that you should keep an eye out for in your dreams that will be connected to your future.


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Dream Tarot Interpretation The first card drawn was The Hanged Man which supports the concept of letting go. While I’m awake, I keep too many things to myself and need to depend on others to help me let go of negative things. The next card was for the second card drawing Strength Reversed. Strength Reversed reveals a message from the Spirit Realm. The Spirit World wants me to know that I am loved by those in the spirit and mortal world. Card three was Four of Swords, that I need to take the time to rest and escape the problems in the world.

Card four was The Page of Swords Reversed showing that my ideas are lacking, and I lack inspiration. I need to find alternative forms of inspiration to drawn from. Card five was the ace of coins, shows that I should focus on the rewards of my labor before going to sleep.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

The last card was the King of Cups, revealing opportunities and invitations in my future. Dreams are important and the ones we can recall during our waking hours should be taken seriously. They are reminders of what we need to work on to conduct our dreams and tips on how to solve hurdles we have yet to overcome. In dreams there are no masks or barriers to hide behind in the dream world our true self is revealed.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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