Doppelgangers – Do They Exist?

When looking into the mirror is it really us that is looking back at us? Scientists claim that it’s merely our reflection, an optical illusion from the eyes taking in partials of light reflecting off the glass that our mind forms into an image. There is a more sinister reasoning for our mirror image. Many believe they are portals to the mirror world were our dark half or doppelganger live.

There are different explanations for a doppelganger depending on the culture you’re visiting in the world. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as Ka or tangible spirit doubles. They contained the memories and emotions of the person’s form they borrowed. In Norse mythology, they are ghastly apparitions that perform their doubles actions in advance and are called Vardangers.

Many believe that there is a place called the Mirror Realm, where our dark half or evil side resides. In this realm some call the negative zone our dark twin live parallel to our own lives. Unlike us, they have paranormal abilities, such as being able to move super-fast and have super strength.



The Mirror Realm

The Mirror Realm is a prison to them, and during the Witching Hour, a ritual can be performed to give them an escape from their imprisonment. Those foolish enough to cast the ritual must hide for six hours and avoid behind near any reflective surfaces.

Reflections or reflective surfaces are doorways to the Mirror Realm allowing your dark side to enter our world. Once they cross over to our realm. a doppelganger has one goal; to take over your body and trap you behind the mirror. Thus, allowing them a chance to cause chaos that you will be blamed for once they are released.

Do Doppelgangers Exist? There are many that will claim that doppelgangers do not exist. That we are merely seeing our own reflections in the mirror, and that the idea of them moving behind the glass is nothing more then a hallucination of our mind. Some believe we only see them at three o’clock A.M. or when we at the crossroads of dreaming and being awake. Like many paranormal phenomena, there’s no evidence to confirm or deny their existence.



The idea that there is an evil twin hiding behind the mirror is terrifying to some yet to others they see it as an opportunity to enrich their novels and television scripts. Many are fascinated with the concept and have put their own spin on the lore, using this concept to create twists and shocking revelations to their stories.

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