Creatures of the Night

In the folklore of the paranormal two creatures are considered the top dogs. One is werewolf humans that change into wolves on the full moon and the other are vampires. Many people are fans of these immortal beings due to their powers and the lore that surrounds them. They are powerful yet mysterious creatures making many wonders if there is more to their story etch in legend.

For some people their first introduction to the creature is from the novel Dracula written by Brim Stoker. Others are captivated by the grand specular of their powers used on their prey presented in paranormal television shows, films, and other novels either inspired by Brim Stoker’s universe or the broad history surrounding the nocturnal beings.

monster-- vampire

monster– vampire


The intoxicating aroma of mortal blood awakens animated corpses from eternal slumber. Their life support extended by each drop of crimson blood torn from the throats from each mortal that falls victim to their hypotonic gaze.

Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

The poem focuses on what is known about vampires regarding their hunger and thirst for human blood. Drinking human blood gives vampires their strength and keeps them alive. Blood consumes their thoughts knowing that the ruby liquid is the only thing keeping them from dying a second time. Vampires are highly intelligent beings of the paranormal society, yet their weakness is the overwhelming thought of their next meal.



Many fans of vampires question their powers wondering what the extent of their potential is. In films, television shows, and novels vampires can be depicted as vicious monsters ruthlessly feeding on humans, or sophistical members of society easily blending in the world around them.

Bran Castle – Brașov – Romania

Bran Castle – Brașov – Romania

Vampires appeal to the masses due to their mystery and the allure they use when capturing their prey. Vampires are not all the same some wish to rule over mankind while others wish to be left alone. Yet they are containing the same weakness of silver and sunlight living immortal lives with the thoughts of blood haunting their minds. It makes you wonder if vampires despite all their powers harmless victims are forever trapped in their own mental prisons?

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