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Reiki is an ancient practice that works with realigning your chakra, creating better health and positive energy. There are seven key chakra points in the human body each with its own location and meaning. Many see chakras as a connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Using tarot as a method to help heal chakras imbalances along with meditation and herbal remedies.

Chakras are based on Indian beliefs that chakras are the seven center points of energy in the body. Healers believe that unblocking your chakra will lead to a happy and healthy life. These pools or positive energy can limit sickness in both the mind and body. Negative energy can create blocks preventing chi or good energy. Many believe that having all seven chakras unlocked will create good health preventing a person from becoming sick in the mind and body.

Chakra Tarot Spread When laying the cards for the tarot spread use a straight vertical line with card one on the bottom and card seven on top. The first card is the Root Chakra; found at the base of our spine, grounding our energy. This card shows our connection to nature, our past, and ancestors.



The Sacred Chakra is in our lower abdomen two inches below our belly button, known for emotions for ourselves and others, sexuality, and fertility. Your stomach or Solar Plexus Chakra is card three, your connection to the outside world and your own confidence.

The Heart Chakra connects the lower Chakras with the higher Chakra and is found in the center of your chest right above your heart. It can show emotions and love for ourselves or others. This card shows your ability to express yourself and show your limits,


Chakras – Meditation

The throat Chakra like its name is in the throat. The third eye is what many believes gives a person physic ability and allows them to see the spirit world. It sits above your two eyes revealing the big picture and intuition. The last card is the Crown Chakra or the top of the head showing our connection to the divine.

Chakra Tarot Spread Interpolation The first card I drew was The Moon, which is the major arcana card of intuition; revealing that to be grounded I must trust myself and my inner voice. The next card was The Page of Cups Reversed. In reversed this card shows unhappy feelings usually toward a person who has lied or betrayed your trust.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

The Star was the third card, showing that my soul is seeking a connection to the divine showing my new connections to family and community. My fourth card was The Four of Coins. This reveals that I have a ton of emotional weight on my shoulders and must reach out to others for help.

The Nine of Coins in Reversed revealed that I need to speak up more and stand up for my beliefs to become more independent. The sixth card was The Two of Coins, showing that I’m seeking balance in life. I have just started my magical journey and need to balance it with other responsibilities. My last card was The Magician, revealing high intelligence and logic, revealing that I have the inner strength to bring my dreams into a reality.

Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

This spread reveals what lies beneath the surface. It can be a bit too personal for some revealing what issues need to be addressed to achieve positive chi. It may sound easier than it appears trying to change habits that you have developed, but the changes will lead to a more positive life after removing the negativity inside yourself.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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