Cerberus – Defender of the Underworld

In Greek mythology, many have heard of Hades the Lord of the Underworld, holding his dominion over the souls of the dead. He oversees where the souls of the living went after death, ensuring no mortal escaped their fate. Many fear crossing the Greek god, but others fear the beast that only obeys him, Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hell.

In many myths and legends. heroes journeyed to the Land of the Dead, hoping to complete a noble quest. Some seeking an audience with the God of Death, while others sought out guidance from heroes that had passed before them.

Creation of the Beast The hound Cerberus, was loyal to his master and followed two laws to prevent the living from entering the Underworld, preventing the souls of the dead from leaving. Any that tried to escape were torn to shreds by the hound.

Cerberus was the second of the first litter born by Echidna the mother of all monsters. Cerberus was originally given to the Goddess Hera as gratitude for not allowing Hera’s husband Zeus from killing her. Hera gave the puppy to her brother-in-law Hades, allowing the puppy to grow up in the Underworld.




Protector of the demonic realm, Used to keep the undead souls from fleeing. Obedient to only his master’s call. No mortal can force him to follow their commands.



My Perspective

The poem reinforces the concept that the beast would only listen to his master’s commands, though there have been two occasions where he allowed a mortal to overcome him. Orpheus used music to lure the dog to sleep. while Hercules was able to bring Cerberus from his domain though many speculate that Hades had a hand in the final task of Hercules labors. Cerberus was loyal to his task yet he was still a pet showing compassion and love to Hades.


Cerberus – Devil May Cry

Many video games and fantasy novels will reveal their own version of this mystical beast with different variations. Some give it elemental powers while others change its physical appearance. Regardless of its form, one thing is always the same. This mysterious beast is used as a protective guard dog. It will protect any entry way ensuring that no one can pass it, and the few that do manage never find an escape.

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