Celebrating Imbolic

Winter is ending and with the final day of January, many are celebrating the first day of Spring on February first. Many see it as a mark of hope bringing in new life and the cycle of nature to restart once again. For magic casters, that celebrate the sabbaths this special day is called Imbolic.

Imbolic is associated with fire, fertility, cleansing, and protection. Many use this time to deepen their understanding of divination and crafting spells. Spring is the time to strengthen our protection from the dark season with the light of the harvest.

Many conduct candle and fire spells to invoke the goddess of fire and the hearth. Some will plant gardens or clear gardens of snow preparing the earth to receive seeds and create new life. This is also the time for fertility magic when animals come forth from hibernation with their young.

Imbolic Celebration

Imbolic Celebration

Brigid’s Day Many associate Imbolic with the Celtic goddess Brigid or as Christians refer to her as Saint Brigit. Brigid was the goddess of smithcraft, midwives, poetry, and healing. She is the bringer of fire and fertility. In Celtic tradition, many saw Imbolic as the time of the maiden. Fires would be put out and relight and many would light candles to celebrate the return of the sun. Brooms would be placed by the front door to symbolize cleaning out negative energy from the past year.

Symbolism of Imbolic

Imbolic is the celebration of new life and clearing away the darkness of Winter. It’s a time to start new ideas and projects. A time to dust off projects that were pushed aside and are now seen in a new perspective. Hope blossoms making people take risks creating new relationships and healing the wounds of the past. Celebrate all kinds of accomplishments and renewing our faith in ourselves and those we care about.

Imbolic Celebration

Imbolic Celebration

Many celebrate the mark of Spring knowing that it represents new life and new beginnings. Many use it as a time to start new projects and for casters a time to start learning new magical skills. Many covens use Imbolic to induct new members. Others see it as a time for love and celebrating those they endear in their lives.

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