Career Search Tarot Spread

Many people see finding or obtaining a job as gaining independence and a means to support themselves. Some gain a career after attending an extended amount of schooling, while others gain internships or jobs to help support personal interests.

This Career Search Tarot Spread calls for six cards two cards on top of one another and the remaining four in the four corners. The first card is placed vertical with the second card above it horizontal. Starting in the upper left corner and going clockwise the last four cards go in each corner.

The first card is your attitude and feeling toward your job search. The second card is what’s blocking you or preventing you from finding a job. The third card shows your natural skills and talents. While the fourth card reveals your specific skills and talents. The fifth card reveals what you need to know about yourself, and the final card gives advice on moving past the job search.

tarot cards

tarot cards

Career Search Tarot Reading For my reading, my first two cards were reversed while the remaining four were in the upright position. The first card drawn was The Hanged Man showing that I’m jumping from one situation to the next. For someone who has applied to over eight hundred jobs I feel that I’m despite enough to take any job even one not suited for me.

The Page of Swords was my second card revealing that what’s blocking me is societies view of the world. Being a young blind woman, I’m seen as nothing more than a liability to others having my talents often overlooked.

The Three of Cups represents my natural talents in card three. The card stands for community and friendship among writing collaborations showing that I have a gift for making bonds with people in any situation and that I have a gift for writing.

For card four The Emperor revealed my special talents. The Emperor card reveals leadership and world knowledge. Holding a vast knowledge of diverse cultures and religions gives me opportunities to create connections with others. Card five I drew the Eight of Wands, standing for action, communication, and travel. That I need to have confidence in my action and to not hesitate with my decisions.

My final card was the King of Coins eevealing that for my future I have already created the keys to my success. That my intelligence and tasks I have built so far in life will lead to a successful future,

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

My Perception Looking at this reading has given me some insights yet at the same time revealed roadblocks that may be difficult to overcome. It’s clear that my career is in writing revealing that due to my intelligence that I can create communities to support my creative goals.

However, I will still be forced to fight against society and the bias they hold against those born with disabilities. Until their outlook changes it’s clear that I will not discover a job in the job market but rather I will have to create one outside of the norm.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read, Luna

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