Cancer Zodiac

Cancer is the crab zodiac sign, marking the first month of Summer. These defensive water signs are born between June twenty-first and July twenty-second. Cancer is considered an emotional water sign with an interesting motto I feel so therefore I can. Like Aries, Cancer is ruled by the moon.

When you meet a person born under Cancer for the first time, they may appear stoic, coldhearted, or indifferent to those around them. Like the crab, their harsh personality protects them from the world around them.

When they allow someone past their defensives, they appear warm hearted and a loyal friend for life. However, they only give you one opportunity you will not be given a second chance if you hurt or betray them.

Cancers are emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and don’t appreciate liars. They are dreams yet have an independent streak allowing them to follow their heart rather than their mind. They sometimes end up taking too much emotional baggage having difficulty talking to others about their feelings.

Cancer zodiac

Cancer zodiac

Career Traits

Some may take interest ni a higher power going for jobs in religion or spiritual practices. Others will embrace their creative side claiming jobs as a writer, artist, illustrator, interior designer, florist, designer, and actor. Being the emotional sign allows them to be excellent caretakers allowing them to excel in jobs as a teacher, childcare, nurse, animal breeder, veterinarian, and optician. Those under the water sign are book lovers making them adapt for jobs as a historian and librarian.

Cancer Relationships They hate large gatherings preferring to hang out with small groups of close friends. Cancers are considered empaths and can become easily overwhelmed by harsh or extreme emotions. When it comes to romance, they prefer to be direct and to the point almost blunt with their feelings.

Cancer zodiac

Cancer zodiac

They revolt against the chase and mind games when it comes to flirting. They are generous and loyal to their partner going as far to go against their own morals to support those they care about. They try to find someone that can support and boost their creative and whimsical nature, but most can manage a life without a partner.

Cancer is a sign that creates mysterious and insightful personalities. Those under this sign will become loyal friends and trusted secret keepers once you’ve have gained their trust.

Cancer zodiac

Cancer zodiac

Cancers are driven by emotions yet like the moon their thoughts and feelings can change with the tides. Revealing their playful nature and moments where they prefer to be alone envelope by the quiet of the night.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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