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Tarot cards and tarot card readings has always been a fascination for me, being a conduct for the spiritual realm, while also creating a stronger connection to my own spiritual abilities. When I was first learning to read the cards through my classes on Centre of Excellence, many claimed that the pictures will guide you in understanding its meaning. 

Being blind, there were no hints in imagery except for the card’s names, I was in the dark. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered a unique way to give other readings. When I completed my course, I decided to try my hand at completing tarot reading for those who were invested on Facebook.

I quickly came to realize that looking at a cards image for guidance in the reader wasn’t for me. Instead of seeing beautiful illustrations, I saw a dark card with a bright title underneath it. My tarot deck came with a manual so I figured I would type it up to create an electronic copy, but after two months of working on it I decided to try a different idea.

I still created an electronic format, but not what was in the book. I read the summery of each card and rewrote it in my own words. Not only did it shorten my time with readings, but it made me less stressed out about getting the cards meaning wrong.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Personal Thoughts I know what some tarot readers are thinking, that my method isn’t considered proper tarot reading. That I should study my cards and look within for what the cards are saying to me. I respect that and would never disrespect another magical user. All forms of magic is different, including those who harness it. I will never be able to see the illustrations on my cards. However, I can learn to memorize the meanings for the cards. Using the deck to make my intuition stronger and to shape the answers to those seeking my aide.

tarot cards

tarot cards

Future Ideas I hope to become familiar enough with my deck to no longer need a cheat sheet, but until then I will continue to use the aide I created. I hope to do more tarot readings and create live videos on YouTube or Twitch.

My goal is to help those who are seeking guidance and looking for answers. Last year, I discovered my connection to magic and wish to widen my understanding and knowledge of this new course I have discovered. Tarot is a way for me to strengthen my powers of intuition and to embrace my inner caster.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

When it comes to reading tarot, a person’s will to understand the cards meaning is important, and not if the reader can see the cards in their hands. Magic is inside all of us and allows people the chance to create a stronger bond with the enchanted world around them. There is no judgement or discrimination. all you need is the will to listen and the willingness to intercept the spiritual realm.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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