Birthday Tarot Spread Part 2

Usually on this site I only complete one tarot spread for the month however, we agreed that the birthday tarot spread wasn’t complete. It was decided to be split into a two-part article, one showing Emberly’s reading and a the second one showing my own. This would offer an example for other siblings or twins that wish to do the reading on their special day.

The traditional birthday spread consists of eight cards broken into two rows with the first row of five cards and the bottom row of three. The first card drawn represents the theme from the past year either in health, career, or family. The second card is connected to the first card, showing the obstacles that stood in your way that were created from the last year. The third card is your hidden strength, that are used to solve the problems at hand.

The fourth card shows the best strategies to overcoming problems in the past dealing with events, people, or situations. What you look forward to in your love life is card number five, and what’s awaiting you in your career track is card number six. The seventh card shows how to grow as a person, and the final card is what will be waiting for you in the next year.

Birthday Tarot Meaning The Five of Cups Reversed was my first card pulled, revealing that in the past year new opportunities and projects have entered my life. Th next card, the Eight of Coins shows the trap of becoming a workaholic, falling to far into your work that you no longer have time to enjoy life. The Magician, the third card is a card showing that I have intense willpower enabling me to stick to my goals until I reach success.

Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

My fourth card was the Eight of Wands, I have my own inner power and I must seek it out in times of need. Knight of Cups Reversed is my future love life showing that the one I find will be a water sign, but I must be careful not to choose someone who is cold and hurtful. What I have in the future for career is the Knight of Wands showing that a change in career or traveling with be waiting for me.

The Seven of Swords is my seventh card showing that to grow I need to break free of the mold and live life my own way. My final card was the King of Swords Reversed showing that this year I will feel lost and lack the routine order I’ve become use to.

My Reaction This spread represents what I have been through and what to expect for this upcoming year. Now, everyone is dealing with being locked inside their homes instead of going to work or school. I have used my inner power to defuse times of stress in my family and to keep my spirits high despite everyone being sad while waiting for this virus to pass. Hopefully I can go back to my internship, but the cards warn me not to keep busy while trying to complete my tasks.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

This tarot spread was an enlightening way to celebrate one’s birthday and doing it for two people allowed me more practice with the spread. Despite sharing a birthday, the spreads show that there may be some similarities between us but there are many differences as well. I love my sister and thrilled that we get to share our special day together. She is my best friend and I know that whenever I need someone in my corner, I can always turn to her.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read. Luna

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