Ancient Egypt Tarot Spread

With tarot card readings. different spreads are used to answer various questions and create a deeper meaning for the one seeking the answers. Tarot card spreads can have a different focus and hold connections to different points in history. In ancient Egypt. there are two items that are considered sacred the pyramids and the Ankh or Egyptian cross. It’s no surprise that there are tarot card spreads based on these two relics.

The Pyramids were considered large sand structures that are still viewed by tourists that visit Egypt in the modern era. Only nobles could be buried inside the pyramids, which is why there is the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The structures were created with many traps to protect the noble’s bodies from being robbed by tomb thieves, and to prepare them for the journey for the afterlife. The Ankh is the Egyptian version of the Celtic-Cross offering protection from evil spirits and was carried by priests and those who performed the rites of the dead.

Ankh Tarot Card Spread


The Pyramid Spread The Pyramid spread is a ten-card spread is used to check on your life so far and lessons you have learned in your life journey. The spread is set in four rows forming a large triangle or pyramid. The top card represents your current state of life, while the two cards in the second row represents lessons you have learned from those in your life.

The three cards in the third row, represents your current influences, beliefs, and actions you have learned so far in life. The last row represents the support structure of the pyramid. This row gives you a glimpse of the future and the current state of your life now.

Ankh Spread The Ankh spread consists of nine cards creating the circle top and cross the image associated with the Ankh. The cards placed to represent the circle represent what is causing problems for you spiritually, while those on the cross represents real life problems, the cause and solution. The first two cards are joined being a conflict for each other; both barriers to the situation.

Ankh Tarot Card Spread

Ankh Tarot Card Spread

The third card represents the problems you face early on in life and the fourth card represents the triggers that caused the problems in the first place. The fifth card reveals a higher perceptive and the sixth card the conclusion that is drawn from the first five cards those who come to an understanding moving on to the last three cards. The last three cards reveal the next steps to take, surprising experiences, and the result that will be waiting for you once the conflict is resolved.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Additionally, tarot card spreads are commonly used to give a deeper understanding for those seeking answers. For the one asking the question, the spread helps with focus and makes the question more detailed leading to a better reading. Tarot card spreads based on ancient artifacts and relics heko gain spiritual support and strengthen the belief of those seeking answers from the cards. How do you seek an answer from Ra if you lack belief?

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